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Hot Places To Live Right Now

Where do you want to live, if you could pick anywhere?

Most people don’t even know how to answer that question. When asked in a social setting where they would move, most people say somewhere tropical like Hawaii or Bora Bora. The reality is most people aren’t moving to a tropical island. So where are they moving.Picket Fence Property is here to help! We’ll tell you the places that most people are seeking to live in the USA right now. comes our now and then with a report that says where are the best places to live. This is vital information as home in these areas tend to move quickly. Generally, there is a reason that people are being pulled to live in that area. It could be:

  • Location
  • Jobs
  • Amenties

So were is hot to live right now?

  1. Kentwood, Michigan is the hottest most active zip code in the US
  2. Followed by Colorado Springs
  3. Watauga, Texas
  4. Castro Valley, California
  5. Peabody, Massachusetts
  6. Boise, Idaho
  7. Worthington, Ohio
  8. Overland Park, Kansas
  9. Rochester, New York
  10. Upper Montclair, New Jersey

You might be wondering what the average costs of homes in those areas are. You are in luck, we’ll tell you.

  1. Kentwood, MI = $193,168
  2. Colorado Springs, CO = $297,811
  3. Watauga, TX = $183,576
  4. Castro Valley, CA = $784,238
  5. Peabody, MA = $424,685
  6. Boise, Idaho = $251, 324
  7. Worthington, OH = $291,305
  8. Overland Park, KS = $261,927
  9. Rochester, NY = $131,964
  10. Upper Montclair, NJ = $762,350

Across the US, these homes are on the market place an average of 14 days to 25 days maximum.

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Picket Fence Properties, located in Windsor, CO is Northern Colorado’s Top Notch Property Management company helping owners with their rentals, income/investment properties and vacancies in Northern Colorado. Are you a owner of a home for rent or that you’d like us to manage? We help you have the perfect tenants in NoCO. Are you looking for somewhere to rent in Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins, Wellington, Eaton, Evans, Windsor, Frederick, Firestone? Look no further, we have all your real estate and rental needs covered. Check out website for vacancies today.


The Suburbs are Calling

Suburbs Are Calling!! Finding affordable housing in the urban areas is becoming more and more challenging. Families are flocking to the suburban areas more frequently for the affordable housing, better schools, and the neighborhood atmosphere. Traditionally, suburbs have always been the heart of the family life. As the millennial generation reaches the age of having families, the suburbs are the light beckoning them to a home.

The suburban areas that are growing at an accelerated rate are those closest to the urban areas. People want the best of both worlds: the neighborhoods for a family and the proximity of a nightlife that urban areas offer.

Below is a list of the top six suburban cities that Picket Fence Properties, Northern Colorado’s premier property management company, has gathered. These areas offer a close urban life and the joys of the suburbs in one package deal!


  • Northeast / Montbello, Colorado

Denver, Aurora, and Lakewood are close to the Northeast and Montbello locations. For the past three years, home prices have grown 20.6% here!

  • Wylie / St. Paul, Texas

Urban life can be found in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington areas.

  • Dublin / Dougherty, California

If people want the big city availability of San Francisco, Oakland, and Hayward, Dublin and Dougherty offer a suburban lifestyle nearby.

  • Daffan / Hornsby Bend, Texas

Austin and Round Rock, Texas have an eclectic urban appeal close to these suburban areas. In the last three years, this area has exploded with home prices growing 27.1%.  

  • Orient Park / Progress Village / Palm River – Clair Mel, Florida

These areas have the benefit of being close to Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater. Having the close appeal of the city life has increased home prices in 19.8% in the last three years.

  • Vista East / Vista Park, Florida

Orlando, Kissimmee, and Sanford offer the sunny metropolitan life just moments away from this suburban hotspot.


Look in these top six suburban areas for houses that are on the market for a short time, as they become homes quickly for those looking for a neighborhood atmosphere near the urban lifestyle.

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Picket Fence Properties, located in Windsor, CO is Northern Colorado’s Top Notch Property Management company helping owners with their rentals, income/investment properties and vacancies in Northern Colorado. Are you a owner of a home for rent or that you’d like us to manage? We help you have the perfect tenants in NoCO. Are you looking for somewhere to rent in Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins, Wellington, Eaton, Evans, Windsor, Frederick, Firestone? Look no further, we have all your real estate and rental needs covered. Check out website for vacancies today.

Declutter or Clutter?

I always think it is interesting to look at people’s garages and patios. Why? Well that is where their “declutter” or “clutter” usually lives if they have it.

Cluttered? There are people who keep stuff for no reason, perhaps they are filling their home with “stuff” to fill a need they have in their life. I think this is a common trend for people. We keep things because we are emotionally attached to them.


When people move, I hear it all the time, “It is so hard to let go of my stuff!” or “I need to have a garage sale but I just can’t part with XXX”! So how do you declutter?


A friend gave me some great suggestions I’ll pass on to you.


If you have too many clothes…here is a tip. Hang up each piece of clothing on their own hangar. Then hang all your clothes with the hook backwards on the bar. As you wear things, wash and hang back up put them on the hangar and hand them as normal (hook to the back). Every 30 days, evaluate what you have worn and what you have not worn. After 90 days, get rid of everything you haven’t worn. If you have something that is seasonal or for a special occasion, great but if after a year, you haven’t used it, get rid of it.


For shoes, get clear shoe boxes from a Target, WalMart, etc. Then take a picture of the shoes and tape it to the smaller end of the box. This way you know which shoes you wear and which ones you don’t. Again, set a time and after that rid.


Paper! Have a rule to scan it, shred it or file it. Don’t be a hoarder with papers you’ll never need again. If you don’t need it for taxes or some other important reason, rid it. Then every year shred or recyle old taxes and clean out filing drawers.


Declutter is all about having a system make your home beautiful. Plug in the system and rid as you can and you’ll see great things open up in your life. When you rid, you open new space for new and right things to show up – not necessarily more stuff!

Property Managers And Millennials



Millennials refers to the generation that was born between 1977 and 1995. Right now, this is the largest generation in the United States. They are more likely than Generation X or the Baby Boomers to rent homes.

Because these young adults came of age during the information age, they have enjoyed the ability to research companies and brands. They rely more heavily on their research than any previous generation. This is very important when marketing rental properties to today’s young adult crowd.


Today’s Marketing to Today’s Renters

An important part of marketing to millennials is satisfying their curiosity and giving the ability to interact with the company. Millennials often expect a good customer experience, and they make purchases based on what they expect would appeal to their peers. Property managers who successfully target and market to this group will enjoy a large amount of business because the group is so large.  

Tips For Property Managers to Connect and Appeal With Millennials:

  • Go mobile: Even emails may be too old fashioned and slow for young adults. Text communications for marketing and correspondence will often yield better results. Text messages are more likely to get viewed and responded to quickly.It’s important to only send out relevant text messages. Millennials won’t mind them if they have value.
  • Utilize social media: Social media sites are the preferred method that young adults use to share with their peers.  Active social media pages can allow property managers to interact with potential and existing renters. It increases the likelihood that these renters will share and recommend to their own circle of contacts.
  • Mind Your SEO: Search Engine Optimization is very important to getting your business promoted. Young adults use search engines almost exclusively to find the information that they need. They rely on sites like Google to find the companies they will use and the properties they want to look at. Staying active on social media and business directories will make sure you are seen by potential renters.
  • Promote value: Many of today’s young people are facing problems that the older generations did not face. They may have large students debts and be struggling to find well paying jobs. No matter which economic group a property appeals to, it is vital that the property manager emphasize the value that renters are getting for their money. Including property amenities and features of neighborhoods can help accomplish this.
  • Include Photos: Millennials will often overlook a property for rent that is not advertised with pictures. This crowd wants to see all details and be able to imagine living at the property. Photos are vital to getting their attention and keeping it. This helps to satisfy their curiosity. Give them all the details the want without making them request them.

Modern renters may be cautious, but they are also eager to take advantageous of deals that can offer them good value. Marketing properly to this young population can yield quick results.


Best Regards,




Property Management – 6 Keys to Success

Keys to Success in Property Management

Every honest property manager has struggled at one point or another in their property management career.  The following ideas are often overlooked keys to success for even the most difficult problems. If you are just getting in the property management field, please use these 6 steps. When considering which property management company to use, get to know the company and make sure they want to be your dedicated property management company.

Property Management Tips

  1. Ask for help.


All successful managers, investors, and business owners know that it is a big mistake to be too proud to reach out to trusted advisors for ideas, advice, and insight.

     2. Know which outcomes you are expecting.

As one success coach tells major corporations, “If you don’t know where you’re going you’ll probably end up somewhere else.” Spend time narrowing your definitions of what a success property manager looks like. Nail down the details of where you would like to be when you attain professional success and excellence. The more specific you are, the better you can measure your commitment, and writing these goals down can symbolize your determination.

  1. Envision your success.

Once you’ve focused your goals, imagine being at your desired level of success, experiencing it. “See” what your business will look like and what your like will be like when you’ve arrived at your destination. Then as late Dr. Wayne Dryer would recommend, “Feel the feeling of your wish fulfilled.” Use your imagination to create a clear visual image of your professional targets.

  1. Organize more than ever before.

If you haven’t been able to stay organized, try new methods. Chaotic goals and business leads to unpredictable success. For example, maybe you have been putting off using the latest software and technology for management. Determine to research these and then commit to one. Organize, be organized, and stay organized.

  1. Plan to retire.

Take up the popular financial planner’s mantra: “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.” It is important to have a tax-advantaged retire program for you and your employees. You want to plan to succeed today, but you always will want to ensure you have a solid future to back up the dedication you have had towards your business. Talk to a CPA or financial planners about your options. Get a plan in place and contribute to it regularly. Tax-deffered advantages will ofset the reduction to your take-home pay, and compounding over time can help fund a comfortable retirement.

  1. Network, network, network, and network some more.

Expect your network of potential clients, colleagues, and acquaintances to be bursting at the seams. Everyone you meet has at least one good idea, one powerful connection, or one remarkable secret to success. The more people you are in touch with, the more of these possibilities you will open yourself up to.