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Home Technology: Is It Fad or a Fit?

We have all seen technology that has come and go.

Generally, new technology (for the most part) seems like a good idea.  Here are some technology wins and whims for you to review.

Today you can tell Google Home, or Amazon’s virtual voice assistant to obey verbal commands. Google’s Nest Cam can let you know what is happening  in your home or turn on ambient lighting. Talk about setting the mood.

But with cool new technology comes an array of drawbacks, both financially and in terms of demands on wi-fi systems.

Some smart technology products sound like a great invention but turn out to be much less useful in reality. For example, Quirky’s “Egg Minder” and “Wink” app informed users how many eggs were left on an egg tray and which would expire first. Think of that, eggs just sitting there waiting to be boiled, poached or scrambled. The idea never caught on, and the company closed, filed for bankruptcy and disappeared. Now people just have cool looking egg trays.

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I just read an article in Realtor Magazine that was talk about a smart-phone controlled robot chef. “Moley Robotics’ smartphone-controlled robot chef has hands fitted with 24 motors and 129 sensors to prep food. But commercial interior designer Mary Cook, founder of Mary Cook Associates in Chicago, is skeptical of the product’s reach. “It seems far-fetched at this time,” she says, adding that its skills are limited. It can’t yet grocery shop, set out ingredients, or prepare much more than crab bisque”

Yet kitchen design guru Mick De Giulio of De Giulio Kitchen Design in Winnetka, Ill., thinks another reason kitchen tech might not catch on is that many homeowners still enjoy the cooking process, since it involves “making things with our hands, which is primal and therapeutic.” He says that possibly down the road “wild concepts” like a cooking robot may be popular, but it’s hard to predict what will land. “I think of Steve Jobs’ quote, ‘Our job is to figure out what they’re going to want before they do.’”

Before you buy a new piece of technology for your home consider these three things:

  1. Is it convenient.
  2. Does it save energy.
  3. Does it make you more safe.

Those are the things that seem to stick when it comes to technology that stays in the home.

Comment below what technology you love in your home that has made life easier.

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Posted by: picketfenceproperties on December 7, 2018