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7 Pumpkin Crafts for the Pumpkin Lover

As Halloween and all things fall settle into place, we know that you are looking for more ways to add fall’s favorite item of pumpkins throughout your home and office. Pumpkins make great decorations by themselves for all of fall; not just October. Here are seven ideas of how to use pumpkins and pumpkin shapes throughout your home and business to add the flavor of autumn everywhere.

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  1. Bring back to life an old tablecloth by adding pumpkin silhouettes made from felt. Use black, orange, white, cream, or red felt to cut out pumpkin silhouettes. Sew cutouts onto the tablecloth of your choice to bring a touch of fall to an old tablecloth. (Added note: this is also a great way to hide those stains you haven’t been able to remove too!)
  2. Create papier-mache pumpkins crafted from small balloons and orange tissue paper to make pumpkins in the size you need/want.
  3. Use a small pumpkin as a way to adorn a short note to someone. Simply tie the note to the top stem and deliver! This is a cute way to make namecards at a table, give a thank-you note, or a thinking of you note to someone special.
  4. Use paper top make pumpkins in a hue that coordinates with your current decor. This can be put together in minutes with strips of scrapbook paper. Cut 1-inch strips of paper. Form the strips into a circle and attach using a brad at both the top and the bottom. Paint a wine cork the same color as the pumpkin and hot-glue the cork to the top for the pumpkin’s stem. Embellish the paper with items such as ribbon, jewels, beads, and glitter for added personality.
  5. Make pumpkin drink stems by painting a bell cup. (Orange , red or black may be the most appropriate.) Let the paint dry on the cup. Use a permanent marker to draw a jack-o’-lantern face on the painted bell cup. Begin stacking large wooden beads to make a pedestal for the cup for the desired length you want. End the stem (at the top) with a round flat bead for the base that the bell cup will go on later.  Paint beads as desired; let dry. To adhere the beads, dot around the edges of the holes with wood glue. Press the beads together, aligning the holes being careful to not get glue inside the hole. Thread the stem of the bell cup through the beads. Squeeze glue into the top bead hole and let dry. Flip over the cup and fill the bottom bead hole with glue and let dry. When everything is dry, enjoy!
  6. Use tin cans destined for recycling to create a lantern. Clean and rinse all cans, ensuring no jagged edges have been smoothed. Draw out with a permanent marker the design you would like to see shine through. Using a hammer and nail, begin puncturing holes along your design lines. Once complete, use finger nail polish remover and a cotton ball to remove remaining marker lines. Set a tea light candle (battery or otherwise) inside the tin can. Enjoy!
  7. Tie pumpkins into a pillow. Thanksgiving by making a pumpkin-shaped pillow. Use applique and write a message of “Be Thankful” on the pillow in lieu of  the approaching Thanksgiving season.

As you embrace the shorter days and cooler night evenings of fall, enjoy making these fun crafts to add a pumpkin touch throughout your home and office.

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