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Tenants Leaving Without Notice

No matter how great of a screening process you may have for your tenants, being a landlord comes with the reality of moments when communication with your tenants may stop and they will leave without giving you a notice. Ideally, this would never happen but we all know too well that being a landlord for a length of time will result into this scenario coming to play at some point; it is inevitable. We have gathered a couple tips to help you approach the situation in the best of ways.


The first warning sign is when a tenant suddenly stops communicating with you. However, do not jump to conclusions right away as there are many possible explanations for this. Your tenants could be out of town, visiting family, or on vacation. Follow up within the week if it is an urgent reasoning. Tenants may cut off communication either intentionally or accidentally. Their phone may have broken or their number may have changed. (Ideally they would tell you if their number changed, but telling your landlord about this may not be at the forefront of their mind at the time until it comes up and they need to speak to you.)


Balance your approach if a tenant may have intentionally cut off communication with you. You may contact their references and leave notification at the rental property. If no response occurs, then begin looking at the additional steps you may need to take.


Legally abandoning the property could result in fines against the tenant. Check your local and state requirements for what is classified as legal abandonment. Take the appropriate actions as determined by law. This may include filing a judgment collection against your former tenant to recover overdue rent, damages, and possibly unpaid utilities. Check that you fully understand what you can and cannot include with these collection charge for the judgment.


Additionally, you can ensure that the judgment is reported to the credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) so that any entity that pulls the former tenants credit report will see the collection debt as being owed. You may do this through the judgment or by using a collection agency. Ensure that you are following all of the steps legally for this route as well. It is frustrating when a tenant leaves without warning, but do not let your emotions allow you to handle the situation in an illegal manner.

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Posted by: picketfenceproperties on September 22, 2017