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6 Areas of Landlord Maintenance

To expect good tenants means to also holds yourself up to be a good landlord.

My team has gathered six crucial areas to assist with your property maintenance as the landlord. Adhering to these areas will lower your overall costs of maintenance.

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1) Regular exterminations
Begin by preventing infestations from occurring. Enlist monthly or quarterly checks from professionals if needed, although with some research you may be able to do most of this yourself. By being proactive with preventing an infestation, you will save yourself hundreds of dollars rather than compromising the integrity of your property.

2) Checking for water damage / leaks
Consistently inspect your the property for leaks and water damage, both internally and externally. Remember, this is your investment. After heavy rain / ice / snow, take the opportunity to inspect the drainage around the property to ensure that water is flowing away as it should. Look at the seams of the property, clear gutters, and look at windows.

Additionally, look inside the property where water is located such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry locations. If water has a way to get into the home, it has a way to destroy the home as well.

3) Replace grout and caulking
Unfortunately, grout and calking do not last forever. They are regularly exposed to water and lose effectiveness over time. Look in the joints between tiles, the cracks between the trim and siding or masonry.

4) Safety equipment
As a landlord, you have the legal duty to uphold your tenants’ rights to live in a safe environment. You must install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well as fire extinguishers. Additionally, you must test the safety equipment regularly. If safety equipment fails, you may face legal action so ensure that this is not a forgotten area of maintenance.

5) Maintaining filters, coils and closed water systems
As this is an investment property, treat it like an investment. Regularly clean the filters in forced air systems, like the air conditioning system and vacuuming refrigerator coils. Flush out closed water systems annually to clear any sediment that could cause problems over time, such as the sprinkler system. This may be an area where you enlist professional help for proper care.

6) Landscaping / Gardening
This maintenance involves all of the outside areas. Look at the patio and walkways to clear them of tripping hazards. This will keep the property looking nice and also prevents any potential legal issues should the tenant fall and injure themselves. Keep the yard trimmed, to reduce the likelihood of infestations.

By focusing on these six areas routinely, you will be sure to have a properly maintained property that your tenants will love and that will give you a fulfilling peace of mind as a landlord.

Posted by: picketfenceproperties on September 16, 2017