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Craigslist: How to Effectively Use It

Thinking of putting your rental property on Craigslist?

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Don’t let the idea of using Craigslist to find renters scare you; many people still use Craigslist for their initial search to find places to rent. Not all ads on Craigslist are done well, so it is important to know how to present your ad to get the attention you want from the renters you are seeking.
  1. Avoid listing multiple vacancies in one advertisement. If you are seeking renters for an entire complex and list the title as “1 bedroom apt $1200” but in the link include information about the two and three bedrooms available, the people seeking two and three bedrooms will never see your available options because they won’t think to click into a one bedroom option. Additionally, let’s say you do have multiple one bedroom apartments available but they range in amenities and pricing. Rather than being tempted to list these in one ad stating “1 bedroom apts starting at $1200” list each apartment opening that varies in price / amenities separately. Listing items together creates an initial confusion for the person searching for their living priorities. You can however include a short sentence within the ad stating that additional vacancies may be available but don’t give their details.
  2. Provide pictures in the ad. Think about it from the renters perspective: if you were looking for a place to make your home that you would spend thousands of dollars at over the course of a lease, you would like to see what it looks like. People like to begin imagining their life fitting into the pictures they see.
  3. Include contact information. The easiest piece of information to forget is often the most crucial; if you have no way for the potential renters to contact you regarding your vacancy, they will quickly move on to a different available place. If you choose to list a phone number, include if this number can accept text messages or only phone calls. Include particular hours of availability if necessary.
  4. Provide the important details in the title. This should include what the unit is (apartment, condo, duplex, home etc), the number of bedrooms, the cost, when it is available, the central location, and the amenities that are induced. Some amenity details you may want to include are: parking availabilities, the options for lease durations, any additional move-in costs such as security or pet deposits, information about laundry facilities, the building’s pet policy, fitness facilities or gyms nearby etc. Going back to point number two, include pictures of the amenities as well. People are visual and want to see what the amenities look like.
  5. Avoid unnecessary user of all caps and punctuation to grab the readers attention. Generally, these are more distracting than attracting.
  6. You may screen tenants thoroughly, but do not blatantly describe who you won’t rent to in your ad. For example, you may not state “Section 8 not welcome” as this is a protected class when it comes to real estate.
By following these six tips for using Craigslist, you will gain the attention of promising rental candidates while being able to advertise quickly with little cost.

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Posted by: picketfenceproperties on August 17, 2017