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Love! Love! Love! Dating Destination Cities

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We love this! Have you heard of “Dating Destination Cities” in the country?

These are cities with large portions of the population that are single, educated, employed and looking for love.

As Summer nights begin to get shorter for the trade off of the crisp Autumn breeze, your chances of finding love increase when the availability ratios are in your favor.

Do you ever feel like everyone is in a relationship or not employed or not educated in the area you live? You may actually be right!

Trulia recently conducted a survey to find out which cities have the highest populations of single, educated, employed individuals. (For all of the single folks out there determining where to move, you’re welcome!)

Living in California, Utah, Nevada, Hawaii, Washington, Colorado & Texas is the key for those seeking single men. There are more single men than women in these specific ten cities:

1.) Bakersfield, California
2.) Salt Lake City, Utah
3.) San Francisco, California
4.) Las Vegas, Nevada
5.) San Jose, California
6.) Honolulu, Hawaii
7.) San Diego, California
8.) Seattle, Washington
9.) Colorado Springs, Colorado
10.) Austin, Texas

On the flip side, there are more single women in several urban areas in the country.

1.) North Port / Sarasota / Bradenton, Florida
2.) Birmingham, Alabama
3.) Winston-Salem, North Carolina
4.) Silver Spring / Frederick / Rockville, Maryland
5.) Greensboro, North Carolina
6.) El Paso, Texas
7.) Dayton, Ohio
8.) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
9.) New York, New York
10.) Baltimore, Maryland

Even after a brief look, it comes as a shock that single men are concentrated on the West coast meanwhile the East coast has a larger population of women.

While the jury is still out regarding why the split of gender population is divided West coast men / East coast women, perhaps the best place to find a happy medium ratio will be in the middle of the country as well!

Now that you have some detailed information, may the odds be ever in your favor as you search for the perfect partner to fall in love with soon.

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Posted by: picketfenceproperties on August 5, 2017