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6 Budget Friendly Bathroom Beautification Options

A bathroom is a constant room of usage in a household; they are needed to keep members of a household clean yet the room itself needs to remain pristine as well.

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Here are some easy tips to pretty up your bathroom:

Option 1

The Showerhead: A Soothing Spa

A quick replacement to the showerhead can instantly turn a regular shower into an at home spa experience. Several models have options like a rainforest, options for targeted intensity levels, massage options, and many more. Most options are under $100, which instantly upgrades your shower at a lower cost than a trip to the spa!

Option 2

The Lighting: Updated to Warm

Changing an old ceiling light to wall-mounted lighting will add value with warmth to the bath. Add flattering lights above the mirror in strategic places to give the best natural lighting look. Price options will vary between $100-$300, pending how elaborate you may go.

Option 3

The Flooring: Heated

Flooring that heats up instantly upgrades a bathroom to a level of luxury. Radiant floor heating can cost between $5 – $8 per square foot making a bathroom flooring upgrade economical.

Option 4

The Towels: Heated

A wall-mounted towel warmer usually runs about $200 making it a small investment for a continual reward.

Option 5

The Countertop: Granite

Bathroom countertops are typically small so you can remove dated tile countertops for a more attractive granite without spending a fortune. Choose a light neutral color to maximize natural light. Choose a darker, high-gloss color to add drama or be eye catching.

Option 6

The Faucet

Nowadays, faucets come in a plethora of finishes from white to brass to traditional chrome. For less than $200, this upgrade can easily be done with your own handiwork.  For a little bit more, you can consider replacing the sink as well. Suggestions would be a new drop-in, a wall mount design, or an above counter vessel.

You can choose one of these options, a few at a time, or all of them at once. Ultimately, each choice will upgrade your bathroom instantly for a only a small investment.

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Posted by: picketfenceproperties on July 21, 2017