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Social Media is a Great Real Estate Tool

As long time real estate agents look at the next generation of homebuyers, social media and email campaigns have become a necessary tool for growth.

For most real estate agents, repeat customers have been the core of their business for the past few decades. Now, the tide is shifting as Millennials begin to infiltrate the housing market and social media is a tool to depend on when marketing to younger home buyers.

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To reach Millennials, agents need to contact their demographic where they see media: the internet. Everything is done through social media for the Millennial generation. Millennials use their phones, tablets, televisions, and computers to access information throughout the day. Social media is used for business networking, connecting with family and friends, shopping, and investing. Millennials use social media to educate themselves about market trends and how to increase their credit scoring.


Real estate agents that want to stay at the front of business trends are taking advantage of social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) as a tool for networking. Successful agents are utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and more to tell potential or current clients about the real estate business. Millennials want to see more than a business running; they want to feel connected to the overall story of a company. Each platform can be used to post links to helpful blogs, details about current market trends in housing, ways to invest in their current property, information about buying and selling (and so much more!) Each post made draws a larger crowd to the business; clients can refer people with a few clicks that take less than a few minutes.


Millennials want to know key pieces of information to prepare their financial portfolio. Social media is a platform that can be used to educate mass demographics to become ideal candidates. Through social media, people can be reached quickly and efficiently.

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Posted by: picketfenceproperties on July 7, 2017