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Landscaping in 4 Easy Steps

An investment into the landscaping of the property is an investment that will increase your rental value and bring appeal. There are investments you can make that will take minimal amounts of time and cost from you. Here at Picket Fence Properties, Northern Colorado’s premier property management company, we have arranged four ways to invest in your property that will give you the most return for your investment in time and money.

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#1: Plants, Trees, and Shrubs

Choosing annuals versus perennials when renting a property can be dilemma however choosing an annual will be typically a higher cost upfront but without the additional cost of time, money or work every year. Think if you want to be maintaining the flowers continually or minimally.


With trees and shrubs, start with slow growing young varieties. Shade trees can help your tenants have lower energy bills for the summer as well as block the wind during the winter. This can entice many tenants. Trees will also help limit erosion through their extensive root system.


Keep in mind, native plants, trees and shrubs will grow better. Take the time to check which plants, trees, and shrubs are native to your area.


#2: Ground Space Coverage

There is a plethora of ways to cover empty ground space. To have a finished, inexpensive look, gravel, thyme, and lamium are a great option.


Planting grass is not as cost effective since the long term maintenance and effort for weed control make this option rather time consuming. Mulch however, cuts down on weeds, retains moisture, and requires less watering.


#3: Designer Touches

Pick a singular color or palette of colors to work with throughout your landscape and decor outside. Use this color or series of colors repeatedly with planters, gravel, edging etc.


Planters can be simple or unique. Do not be afraid to upcycle items you already have such as old tires, a wheelbarrow, or even old crate style boxes. Let your imagination run here to make your property a rare gem.


Using ornamental grasses will be inexpensive, add color, and add allure to the property. The best part: ornamental grasses are easy maintenance too.


#4: Adding Outside Charm  

Having an outside fire pit is a current trend that many homeowners are adding therefore many prospective tenants will be drawn to this enticement as well. When adding a firepit, make sure to add appropriate seating options too.


Make the most out of items already with the property such as a deck or patio. An update of color can make a big impact with a short investment of time.


With four options to update the landscape of your rental property in an affordable way, you can have a great return of your investment.


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Posted by: picketfenceproperties on June 2, 2017