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Using An Online Approach Is A Must Today

The world is officially digital in case you didn’t notice already.

Everyone is online! When you walk through an airport, people are generally doing one thing, they are looking at their cell phones. They are checking email, texting, snapchatting, Facebook LIVE video streaming, or talking to someone through some kind of bluetooth enabled device.


This is why a business today must have an online, digital approach. Not to mention that most buyers today are millenials. You must stay ahead of the marketing curve my knowing what today’s young adults are into.


But how do you know where to post what? Go where the audience you want to reach is at.

Let’s use a Real Estate business as our example. You might get more business comments on Linkedin than you do on Facebook. Twitter works for posting open houses or events that are happening that day. You have to think of social media and digital marketing like your storefront. If no one knows you are there, they aren’t most likely to buy from you.


What I recommend the most is consistency. You want people to let you know what you do and that you are a person they would want to work with. In a sense you are creating a brand and that brand is you. People buy from your business because of you.


You also want to provide unique, relevant content like blogs and videos that sparks action for others to read, follow and develop a trust with you. Much like offline business, it all comes down to trust and likability, so it’s important to keep consistent with a good amount of information.


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Posted by: picketfenceproperties on April 7, 2017