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Stressed? Eliminate the Stress of Being a Rental Property Owner

Rental? Some people think “Oh, I’ll just rent my house if I ever move!” or you thought you’d capitalize on the housing shortage? No matter what your reason, you want your experience in the rental real estate market to be a pleasant one and not a take-over-your-life stress choice.

If you were to ask current landlords what their biggest stress is, they might say one of these:

  1. Late rent
  2. Dealing with evictions
  3. Deposit disputes
  4. Property damage
  5. Bad tenants


Here is a solution to all five of those problems. A good property management company will market and advertise your property to keep it rented and monthly payments continuing to come your way. They’ll do credit, income and criminal background checks to ensure you have the best tenants possible. They have a rent collection process. They’ll do routine inspections for you inside and out to check for damage. They do check-in and check-out walkthroughs. Evictions, yes they do those do if this step is required to be taken at all.


Though a property management company costs money, it should help your stress level as you’ll have a consistently rented property.


As a general rule here are some tips to think about whether you go through a property management company or not.


  1. stay informed of what problems or crisis situations you may encounter and think through how you’ll handle them.
  2. have a document policy on all things rental so you don’t have to remember what you said. Document, document, document.
  3. ensure your rental is of quality stature to get quality clients.
  4. hire out maintenance and upkeep when needed, you’ll be glad you did.
  5. rental property management is a business, treat it as such.
  6. as a general rule, don’t rent to family and friends. It is just best this way.


Work with us today to turn your investment into a property your tenant will truly appreciate and you can be grateful for.

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Posted by: picketfenceproperties on March 11, 2017