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2 Random Facts You Didn’t Know

Random Fact #1.


This random fact can be found in your garage.

As we look into your garage, you’re probably worried that I am critically taking in the space, but in reality, I’m probably just looking at the color of your car. Did you know that the color of your car shapes others opinions about you and your personality?


What color is your car?

  1. Blue: You are chill and laid back.
  2. Black: You like to lead in a quiet kind of way.
  3. White: Honest comes from every part of you.
  4. Silver: You like adventure and fun.
  5. Green: You are other focused and love to give back.
  6. Gray: You are distinguished and refined.
  7. Red: Go getter who has purpose and passion.


Random Fact #2:

OK, so that is one random fact you might have known, but this next one might surprise you.

Shaving cream has 4 remarkable uses around your home.

  1. Remove mildew from grout. Mix it with bleach, leave it overnight and watch the magic.
  2. Degrease your carpet. Let stand for 5 minutes and vacuum.
  3. Fix a squeaky hinge. Now your door will move with ease and completely noise free.
  4. Fog free mirrors. Wipe it on a mirror, buff off and see yourself through the fog.

What other random things do you know that would help others in their home sweet home?


We want to help you keep your house a home.



Posted by: picketfenceproperties on February 3, 2017