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Ferns: Make a Home Cleaner

Horticulture experts recommend ferns because they purify air by ridding common household pollutants.

Ferns are among the oldest living plants on earth and you can get them in both indoor and outdoor types. Many types of ferns flourish both outdoors and as houseplants.


I have a green thumb. Let me give you some tips on one plant that will not only make your home feel more lived in but will also purify the air – ferns! I  love to have a lot of plants around as they make me feel alive and they make the environment fresh. However, not everyone I know has a green thumb.  


Here is a website that shows the 15 most popular types of ferns:


What I see in most homes is the Boston Fern. The ideal temperature for this fern is between 60 to 75 degree of Fahrenheit.


As far as watering, keep your fern moist but not wet. Misting this type of plant is a good idea.  If you have a home with windows, know that ferns like indirect light but they like humidity too.


I hope my green-thumb advice will help you and your family breathe better in your house that you have made a home.




Posted by: picketfenceproperties on January 20, 2017