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Guests Are Coming: The House Is A Mess!



You know the phone call…the one where guests asks to stay at your home with little to no notice. If you do what I do, I go into panic mode first and then I go into action mode to get things done.


Where to start? As soon as you know the date they are coming, check your calendar for other things that may need to be moved or rearranged. Start a list of action items that need to be done in order to not lose all sanity.


Ask your guests if they have food allergies or dislikes you should know about. This is vital today when being a good host. If you have time, shop before they arrive and make sure you have clean, organic food and room for them to feel at home in your eating space. Ask them if they drink coffee, tea, etc.?


Tidy up your home. As you walk in, put yourself in your guest’s shoes. How will they feel in your home? What I find makes my guest relax is having enough space for them. Rid clutter and piles that can be a distraction to your quality time. After all, it is about being together when you come visit another.


Make sure the guest preparations are done. Towels. Tissue. Toilet Paper. Extra toothbrushes. Sample size shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and soap. Make the bed fresh just for them. There is nothing like a clean set of sheets. Sometimes, I envision how I’d want to be pampered in a fine hotel and that is the mood I want to create for my guests.


In my house, I enroll others to help. If you don’t live alone, use your housemates to help prep the home and if you do live alone, call a friend and ask for help; use it as an excuse to hang out while getting work done, tidying up and preparing.


Now to beautify. I do this through candles, flowers and just the little touches that make your guest feel welcome and loved. Your house is a home after all.





Posted by: picketfenceproperties on January 13, 2017