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Winter Proof Your Home

If you live in Colorado, there may only be a few moments that you need to winter proof your home.

After all, it is negative temperatures one week and 60 degrees the next, not that I am complaining.

Perhaps  it did get cold enough where you needed to winter proof. Here are some things you could do to keep your utility bills down and your home warm.


The word winter along makes me dream of jumping on a plane to one of my favorite tropical destinations but then reality strikes and I embrace the cold and winter proof my home.


Let’s start at the top:

When is the last time you had your roof checked for shingles that may need fixed or repaired? If you have trees in the neighborhood, make sure you have cleared your gutters so the moisture can melt when the sun comes back out.


Now let’s look at windows. When I think of windows and winter, I get cold at the thought of it. Do your windows let cold air in? Even just a little bit? Every bit counts. If your window is drafty, fixing that right away will keep you warmer instantly. If you have sliding panels, make sure they are in the closed position to slow or stop drafts and make sure your windows are sealed properly so that moisture does not get in.


If you are one that has a doggy door or mail slot in your doors, you may want to seal that up for a temporary time and make other arrangements for the frigid days.


What about the things you do not see like your furnace. When did it last see the HVAC doctor for preventative maintenance?


If you need a recommendation for a professional in any of these areas, give me a call or email today.


With all that in mind, hopefully this winter and all that follow will be warmer for you and yours.


Happy at home!





Posted by: picketfenceproperties on January 6, 2017