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Are The Closets In Your Home Causing You Undue Stress?


I bet you can relate to this. You have a nice relaxing weekend and you rest well on Sunday night but then come Monday morning, you have to decide what to wear and it just starts your week off wrong because a) nothing fits b)you don’t like what you see c)you couldn’t find what you wanted, stress!

I have been there and done that. Part of my job as a Property Manager is to educate you about ways to love your home.

Simplifying your closet is a great place to start. Perhaps you spend too much in there, you have bad purchasing decisions staring at you or you have clothes that don’t fit your current body. These are all indications that something has to go.  

Here are a few things to ensure you love your living space (yes, even your closet in your home).

  1. Place everything on your bed from your closet including clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc. The reason you put it here is if you want to go to bed, you have to do this by the end of the day.
  2. Take a look at your belongings when it is all in one place. This alone can be shocking!
  3. However if you need more shock, make a list of each item and the dollar amount you paid for it, or estimate it. Add up the list for a grand total.  Then divide the total cost of your closet by your net income. For example: If you have $2500 worth of items in your closet and you take home $10.00 an hour, divide 2500 by 10 and you’ll find out you worked 250 hours to buy the clothes and other items sitting on your bed. That’s a little more than six 40-hour work weeks. It took a month and a half to earn the items on your bed and that doesn’t count the hours and weekends lost at the mall or online shopping for everything.
  4. Using this example, assess if you would buy the stuff back or make different decisions with your money. Perhaps you could have done some home improvements or paid off some bills you intended to.
  5. Put ONLY your favorite pieces back in the closet. If you have to think about it, don’t put them back it. Take a picture of your new closet. Look at it often so you can think of how it feels to see more space and make getting ready in the morning easier.
  6. Box up the rest. Either store it or donate it. If you store it, come back to it in a few months and if you haven’t missed anything you boxed up, give it away.
  7. Celebrate wearing your favorites everyday.

My hope is that you love your home, whether you own it, rent it, live with someone else, etc.



Posted by: picketfenceproperties on October 7, 2016