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Secure? Is My Property Safe?

I have a friend in Greeley ask me this week about how to keep her property secure.

Here are a few of the suggestions I gave her on keeping her property secure.

  1. Install Motion Sensor Lights – they are great as when a light turns on a intruder will be alarmed and leave.
  2. If you are going to be gone, ask a neighbor or Picket Fence Properties to get mail, newspapers, turn on/off porch lights, etc.
  3. Don’t generally post on social media, when you will be traveling exactly. Don’t say, “I am leaving for a week to Greece tomorrow at 8 AM”
  4. Designate parking for tenants/visitors, so that others can see if cars are supposed to be there or not.
  5. Don’t post pictures of your animals with your house visible in the background. The same goes for your kids. Unless you want others to know where you and your property are.


In general, use your head. Treat your property as if it were a small child you were trying to protect from predators. We live in a digital world where people are snapping and posting pictures faster than they often think about it. Your home, property and even your workplace are vulnerable if you post it all over the internet.


Be safe and be wise in what you snap a photo of.


I am all about taking pictures of things around my home. Gardens, water displays, trees, fruit, etc. However, I don’t recommend you take a picture of your front door, your address of your house on the garage or near the street signs closest to you.


To keep your Northern Colorado property secure, call Picket Fence Properties and we’ll give you specifics for your property. Our job is to help you maintain it, rent it, and keep it safe. We take this responsibility seriously.

Posted by: picketfenceproperties on September 23, 2016