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Dog Friendly Policies May Increase Your Profit


Apartment owners across the country are allowing you to have a dog in properties in order to attract and keep tenants. Having a dog friendly policy may cause you to do a tad bit of construction, but designing a dog park isn’t always out of budget. And could be well worth it.

Some landlords are going for a less strict policy. Over 70,000 units nationwide do not have size limits for dogs. Attracting tenants is much easier. Otherwise, you may lose them to the leading competitors. Having a dog park or a washing station is “in” right now.  

Landlords used to see pets, in particular dogs, as being annoying or loud to neighbors. They felt they were more likely to cause damage to the property, inside and outside. Now, there is an attraction to properties for younger renters which will allow dogs. They tend to stay in the property longer.

If you have a dog park, a washing station, and a place for your tenants to take their dogs for a run/walk, you are less likely to have to worry about the dogs making a mess inside for bathroom usage. There is space for them to be outside, and actually enjoy it.

This rule will attract many younger renters or families with children and pets. Allowing dogs or even cats will add you to a list most units may not be on.

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Posted by: picketfenceproperties on August 25, 2016