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Keeping Your Properties Safe & Secure


As the hot summer days and nights approach, it is very critical to keep our properties safe and secure throughout the season. Summertime attracts criminals as well as bored teenagers to get into trouble. Having vacant units during the summer can become a target for vandalism or crime in general. Summer time is the perfect time to address any changes that are needed or enhance any security you may need. Keeping your tenants safe is priority. Here are a few suggestions to make sure you can keep your properties safe:  


  1. Replace your regular outside lights with motion sensor lights. Creepers in the night are not always spooked by regular lights, but when a light all of the sudden turns on, it may startle them and cause them to flee.
  2. Have an active security patrol the property looking for suspicious activity. It will bring peace of mind to tenants and drop the rate of potential criminals.
  3. If you don’t have assigned parking, consider it. If you designate parking spaces for your tenants you are able to make sure the correct vehicle is parked in the correct space.
  4. Install speed bumps in the parking lot. They may help a car from being able to flee quickly if they are up to no good.
  5. Go around and check for burnt out lightbulbs. Replace them immediately as a dark property sends a strong signal to criminals and teens.
  6. Replace any broken windows. Boarded up windows look like the perfect target for a break in.
  7. Walk around your property and check for and vandalism or graffiti. Remove any tagging and report it to the police. Check in hidden areas as vandalizers are not always front and center.
  8. If crime is a major issue in your area, consider security gates. This will keep criminals to a minimum and tenants safe all year round.


I hope these few tips will help keep your tenants and your property safe from any crime in your area.




Posted by: picketfenceproperties on August 15, 2016