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Tips To Make Your Landlord Love You!

Make your landlord love you

Building a good relationship with your landlord can have a lot of  positive perks in its own. It can get you anywhere from a little slack on late rent, being able to get that puppy you’ve always wanted, and maybe even that new coat of paint. We asked the experts what the top things are that their tenants do, that they love.

1. Be better than the last guy

More than likely, your landlord has rented to one or more problem tenants in the past. You can’t dig into past information but try casually asking questions about the  past tenants. Some problems might spark up in the conversation. If they do, try to take that as advice. If your landlord says the  previous tenants didn’t pay rent on time, try paying early.

2. Ask your landlord for permission, not forgiveness

Before you change anything, always get the landlord’s approval. You already know you’ll have to get permission for big projects such as painting or removing carpet. However, your landlord will appreciate the small things just as much such as changing the light covers. Your landlord could say no, and don’t get upset. They just might not have the same taste as you.

3. Step up your security efforts

Break in’s aren’t just scary for you, they are scary for your landlord too. They want you to feel safe in your home. Try asking if they offer a security system. They will appreciate the fact that you’re trying to keep their property safe. Renters insurance will also help along those lines.

4. Don’t rush them

If something is broken, make sure you try to be reasonable with the expected time for it to be finished. Therefore, if your AC unit is broken during the winter time, be reasonable. Let the landlord know it is broken, and ask nicely to have it fixed before summer heat rolls around.

5. Pitch in every once in awhile

Although you aren’t obligated to fix anything, think about using that helping hand once in awhile. For instance, if the light fixture broke and your landlord is calling a handyman to install another one, offer to fix it yourself and deduct the amount off of rent. This will save your landlord a lot of money and effort. They will surely appreciate you because of that.

6. Make nice with the neighbors

If you live in a multiple unit area, make sure you are the ideal neighbor. You do not want your neighbors complaining about you to your landlord. This may cause a discrepancy between you both and maybe a second thought about renewing the lease to you.

7. Keep it clean—inside and out

This one’s just a given. You know you should  treat your apartment like your own, but when your landlord sees your effort of keeping their investment clean, they will love you for it.


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Posted by: picketfenceproperties on August 1, 2016